My Prayer For You

My prayer for you Is that when you look in the mirror When you see yourself You see yourself through the eyes of God, with the eyes of the Goddess Through these eyes you may see past the pain and failings Past the judgements of yourself and others Past the way the world sees you Past the way you thought you looked Through these eyes These open wide eyes These clear eyes These eyes filled with light You will see yourself as you are You will see power and beauty You will see love and strength You will see wisdom and knowing

My prayer for you Is that when you listen You listen with the ears of God, you listen through the ears of the Goddess Through these ears you will hear a different tale You will hear that we are not the story of our pain We are not the story of our mistakes We are not the story of the hurt we have done We are not the story of despair and hopelessness Through these ears Ears that listen to wind beneath the words Ears that listen with patience Ears that listen in silence Ears that listen with acceptance Ears that seek to understand Ears that listen until the story has been told Through these ears you will hear voices that long to share Voices that yearn to be acknowledged Voices that find peace in being heard

My prayer for you Is that when you touch You touch with the hand of God, you touch with hand of the Goddess With this touch There is only love There is only healing There is only comfort There is only connection This touch This sacred reaching out to another Is a prayer of the body A prayer that flows through you A moment allowing you to release yourself To empty yourself To dissolve yourself And as you hold another You hold them in the arms of God You hold them in the arms of the Goddess As you are held

My prayer for you Is that when you speak You speak with the voice of God, you speak the words of the Goddess This voice speaks the language of the heart This voice speaks in the tongue of the soul This voice speaks with the resonance of life The words of this voice are heard beyond ears For this voice goes further than sound This voice shares truth And sings many songs This voice laughs This voice whispers and shouts its joy To the world

My prayer for you Is that your search Is the search for oneness Oneness with God, oneness with the Goddess Oneness with life, with those who walk beside you With the earth you walk upon With the sky, the water, the fire We see past that which separates us For a thread runs through us Weaves us into the web as we weave the web of our journey And are again woven into the web of life Body and soul Travelling on the path home Home to God, home to the Goddess Home to ourselves.

Curated from ANNE-MARIE

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