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Our Story

Ishita Saraiya passionately brings to you the art of conscious clothing.
Soulfully Sassy is the culmination of a life-long passion to inspire conscious and contemporary women lustre through the attires they choose and the lives they lead.
As a Student of Ancient Wisdom, Esoteric Philosophies and Spirituality, Ishita brings to you the deep truths of life through Exquisite Calligraphic Scripting, the collections that Inspire your Divine Essence to Awaken and Blossom. 
Each design is infused with the Intention to heal and align your energy field to help you embody your Authentic Divine Self, now available across products.
Soulfully Sassy Apparel are like a soft second skin, supple and resilient.
Our Art is infused with Goddess Frequency to help you align with your Goddess Self.
Claim the power of Light and Color to transform yourself to discover and enhance the vibrational alignment of your mind, body and spirit… 

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