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1. Timelimit if any (Usually Designing takes about 3 days + 7 days for printing and shipping)

2. Do Let us know some of your favorites designs from our store so we get an idea of what you are looking for.

3. Feel free to describe what you would like us to design for you.

4. New Design can be for any Product Options Include T-shirt, Posters, Journals, Coffee Mugs, Tote Bags, etc.  We will need to know which product/s you are interested beforehand for us to be able to optimize you Design accordingly. 

5. If you are interested in ordering Tshirt, It would help if you can let us know the number of sizes you need in particular sizes and colors. (This would help us to make sure your requirements can be fulfilled in full and in time frame mutually decided and help us offer you Best Price.

6. Customization charges of an already existing design range from $10- $25. New Design charges Vary depending on the design requirement. It can range from $25- $75. 

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Soulfully Sassy is the creation with the intention to Endlessly Spread Love and Inspiration!
Each of our Products is lovingly hand made to order, with eco-friendly fabrics and Super high-quality inks.

We absolutely love seeing this community  #soulfullysassytribe spread our loving and Inspirational messages just like ripples. Thank you!  Lots of  love!



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