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The magical, infinite, divine self is within you.
Divine Self-Embodiment helps you explore and embody it at new levels.

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I present to you a versatile deck that works as a tool for meditation, affirmation, manifestation, and of course, an oracle card reading.

The deck consists of 54 powerful messages, and the back reads, "Divine Self Awakens Within Me and So It Is."

These messages are whispers or affirmations from—you guessed it—the "One Divine Self."

What happens when you center yourself and pull a card?

  • You reclaim your power.

  • You choose the new perspective.

  • You tap into hidden opportunities.

  • Awaken and access your inner wisdom.

  • Develop self-confidence.

  • You come into alignment with your Divinely Conscious Self.

  • You remember who you truly are.

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What is special about this deck?

This deck is filled with messages to instantly help you embody your divine self.

to bypass shadow work. Shadow work may be needed if you subscribe to the belief that you need to overcome certain situations or thought patterns to get where you wish to be.
It might be suited for someone who wants to explore that path and whose calling requires them to walk through it.

Although divine energy can be tapped into instantly, you can also be transformed instantly. 
Things can and do shift instantly.


We are here as expressions of the divine to dance a little and live a joyous life. The divine is expressing itself through you. Why not make that expression completely ecstatic, as much and as often as possible?

How is an oracle deck different from a tarot deck?

Tarot is more structured and based on learning symbolic meanings. The Oracle deck is energetically fluid in the sense that you can meditate on the card you've drawn, tune in, and carve out your own meaning.

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