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Full Moon In Aries Reading

Welcome Beautiful, Pick your group from below if you have not already

Group 1- Pink watercolor Flower

Group 2- Colorful Butterflies

Group 3- Black and white Flowers

Before we get to our Reading, I have a Special Full Moon Surprise for you!

Ok, Here we go....

Group No. 1:

Hello, group number one so I have your cards here now, you have eight of swords, self-expression, and Gray as your color card. Okay, babes, I love these cards for you. They show me how you have been struggling with your thoughts because you have allowed thoughts of others to overpower you and for these thoughts to make you feel less than you are, so basically these are the thoughts of others that have brought you to the plight of overthinking or not being able to think straight or feeling like you just can't feel good in your skin basically so here I have crystals of tigers eye and clear quartz, what I see is that you already have tigers eye with you here so you are protected, you just can't feel like you are powerless because you are the creator of your reality, this is it! This is the understanding that will shift everything for you this Full Moon and the people outside you are just not strong enough, they have strength only as much as you give them so just stop giving them strength to overpower you. This is how you take your power back and where you feel strong now I have a powerful card of self-expression here and I'm just going to directly share the text because I want you to know the complete understanding of what this card is all about so the thing is: how we see ourselves is often a little behind where we actually are. Being open to hearing about how the world sees us and perceives us can speed up an evolution if we are willing to transform ourselves into ever more effective creators and communicate. Use the feedback about how to improve your personal expression while remaining true to yourself. Okay now the next card you got is the color of softness, blending in, observing, waiting and patience these are the words that are highlighted here and it talks about softness and planning it. Okay, now you have been allowing people from outside or outside voice is maybe social media, maybe someone is venting about you or maybe someone is trying to hurt you in your office space or your home or whatever and whoever has overpowered your thoughts whoever's name comes to your mind right now is the one or are the people who are showing you the mirror of what you are telling yourself. Understand this: they are only showing you what you are telling yourself you and I'm just going to tell you right now to take your power back and take a pause, don't talk to anybody, don't fight, don't just don't put in work outside to change anyone's thoughts or opinions. Focus on calming your mind and tune into softness. This is a good time to do this inner work and shift things for you as it is being highlighted. It is important because self-expression is a crucial part of who we are. We are always expressing ourselves even if it is just us being in our bed we are expressing that we need this space right now to heal. You don't have to say something to someone to express yourself. You just have to tell yourself what you need and what you need to tell yourself is that this is the time of strong transformation. You are taking your power back and you can use all this power that you have taken back to focus in the direction you choose. You do this every night take your power back, Say something like: "I take all my power back to myself and I am the one who is going to decide now how others see me how I see myself." And how you see yourself is how others see you so you have to create that awesome expression of yourself. You have to just detach for a little bit from people and you know like just take a pause and take your time with its few days a week or till next full moon. Express yourself as you like, if you want to choose a color and focus on it then I would say choose a Magenta. It's a very powerful color to focus on you can just find a flower that is magenta or a magenta dress or nail color or get a candle of dark pink or whatever helps you to feel into the energies of that color would help you I know this color is not in your reading showing up but this is a powerful color of the Goddess that you can tune in when you feel powerless and when you feel like too much outside influences have taken rent-free place in your head so you just take it all that out and you just feel surrounded with the color magenta so this where I'll end this reading for you and see you next time.

Group No. 2:

Hello beautiful group number Two, Love Love Love Love, reading is about your love life, like I was going to do a general reading today but these cards, I can't deny its a love reading so I'm just going to assume that whoever has chosen this file have a question about love relationship on your mind especially romantic relationship, We have two of cups and of course partnership card also has a male and a female. Okay, so the thing is when I was just starting my reading I realised that this is the group that is going to be a more open channel of communication today and you got the card of clarity crystal blue card. I want you to know that passion is building and you have strong protection with you because you chose Carnelian stone and tiger's eye Crystal. Given that Jupiter was retrograde Saturn retrograde and mercury was retrograde, now energies are opening up, now is a good time during this full moon if you had any misunderstandings, more like, I see that you just want to have some discussions and get some clarity on some of the things and I'm not sensing any issues here I'm just sensing that there needs to be some clarity or some discussion that is crucial at this time. So any important discussion that you have been holding of because of some circumstances that maybe obstruct or your partner is not in the mood or just you have not had time and space to discuss this, something that is on your mind. So now is a good time this full moon both of you are getting some clarity you have your clear channel of communication and there is this opportunity for you to discuss whatever is on your mind whether it is about taking a relationship to the next level, whether is about getting engaged or on just where this is going or a getting clearer understanding as to what is the role of each one of you because the thing is in each successful partnership both the members have they assume different roles, roles that are different but are complementary to each other and it is for the best if these roles and assumptions are clearly defined now and that they also have some room to make allowances when both of you grow and change because growth is inevitable, changes are inevitable. I would say, at this point, that you have to let go of control. Recognize the urge where you have to call all the shots or that you have to control all the aspects of relationships and both of you need to communicate and let go of that controlling nature. If you see the card of partnership that is the main card of your reading it's a very soft, gentle embrace that the couple sharing, you need to trust your partner both of you, you and your partner need to trust each other a little more. You just need to soften the edges a little bit so that not both of you feel a lot of ease while being with each other while acknowledging the relationship and of course when you have the clarity that I am inspiring you to have to find out whatever that you need to find out just discuss it in a very gentle loving way. Meaning without making any assumptions. just put your point out clearly and give your partner space and ability space to think clearly what where they can do the same. I have the butterfly button for you so I feel it's going to be very colorful and glorious whatever the discussion will lead to. This will help elevate your relationship to the next level. You both are ready. I'm not getting any more messages for you, just enjoy your time together, get clarity on whatever you need this is a good time for the coming two days at least is a very good time. Okies, see you next time.

Group No. 3:

Hello, Beautiful babes who picked group 3. I see that you guys have been through a lot of struggles in the sense that you have been overthinking stuff and judging yourself and feeling a lot of anxiety and even the feelings of failure. It's just that you have taken in a lot of energy from outside, from other peoples thoughts maybe you are empaths and that's why this has happened or that you have just absorbed energy from your environment which has led you to believe that you just can't think clearly or reached a conclusion about things that you need to be clear about so what I am seeing here is that that is not the case at all you have advanced a lot in your journey and the thing is you have gathered a lot of information and you have all the information that you need to make important decisions. Be comforted by the fact that you are capable of making decisions and you have more than enough information but then your logical mind is taking you away from the fact that you know, thoughts that make you feel like no you can't, you don't have enough information or you can't just make the decision that you make need to make. At this point, you have to remind yourself that you cannot have all the information, you can have a lot of information but you just cannot have all the information and be comforted by the fact that it's just not possible for anyone to know everything and when you don't have all the facts your heart will always give you the right answer so you just have to tune in and accept the limits of your mind. when your logical mind goes for a spin or a toss, just try to meditate a little bit and get your heart in the right space and then you can remind yourself that you, even if you don't have all the knowledge or all the information or all the facts right now you still can move forward and the things will unfold in the most wonderful way because of the things that you know all the things that you subconsciously know if you don't know consciously, that's fine, subconsciously you do know what you need to know okay just trust because I have sunflower yellow color card for you and this card is of a teacher, mentor, elders, the sun the summer time, it shows whether you believe it or not. you are at a place where you are the sun who is shining from within. you are capable of helping not only yourself but others as well. You have that much experience, understanding, wisdom under your belt, that you have this strong and selfless teacher vibe about yourself so whether this is for your own life decisions, your own path, or it is because you have to help someone and you want to give them the right guidance, trust yourself, trust your inner voice, trust your heart because I am seeing here enlightened heart and mind card so you already have an enlightened heart and mind, you have that spark within yourself that will give you proper guidance to you or someone you love or whoever is asking for your guidance. You are capable of guiding them so this is the major message that is coming through you have to let go of the doubts the fears the anxiety and embrace this knowing. Build your trust by surrounding yourself with sunflower, this was the group I chose for myself and I know now why I choose this pile for myself so yes wish you a wonderful full moon night and coming days and I'll see you soon.


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