"Manifest Abundance" Coloring Book is Designed to Help you Tap into Your Desired Reality of Abundant life, in it's truest sense.

Each page is Very Delicately Designed and Accompanied by an Affirmation that is Etched in Elegant Calligraphy for your Pleasure. Each Coloring Session is set to help you tap into Your Divine Goddess Self that is already enjoying perfectly wonderful , Abundantly Awe-inspiring Life..

I have included Most Powerful Mindset Tips to help you Successfully Manifest your Desired Abundance. 

Create Your Sacred Space with your favorite Incense, Candles, Crystals(preferably Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Red Garnet and/or any other and Get Ready to Align with Your Goddess Self.

We would love to See Your Colored Pages and journey with us, You can do that on Insta by tagging @soulfullysassylove


Manifest Abundance - Pdf Version

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